Sell Used Textbooks: You Can Sell New Books, Too.

May 29, 2023

Selling Used Textbooks Online is Easy

Textbookbuyer.Com has made it simple to sell your new and used college textbooks online. Our book buyback can buy nearly all current-edition college and university-level textbooks sold in college and university bookstores throughout America -- and that's a lot of books! The following chart shows some of the words found in the titles of some textbooks:

Textbooks with accounting, agriculture, anthology, anthropology, architecture, art, astronomy, automotive, biochemistry, biology, business, chemistry, classics communication, computer, or cooking in the title. You may browse the new and used textbooks.New and used textbooks with, criminal justice, drama, economics, education, engineering, english, environmental, french, geography, geology, health, or helping as words in the title. Feel free to browse through them.Books titled using the words history, humanities, language, law, linguistics, literature, mathematics, medicine, nursing, office, organizational, or philosophy. If you wish to sell used textbooks, feel free to explore.Used and new college textbooks having a title containing physical education, physics, prealgebra, or precalculus, or even political science, programming, psychology, religion, science, sociology, spanish, or statistics.

How to Sell Used Textbooks Online

By going to the front page of TextbookBuyer.Com, you can sell used textbooks by entering the ISBN number printed on the back cover of your textbook. The ISBN number is the 10-digit number printed on the cover (if there is a sticker over the top of it, be sure to look underneath the sticker to find the ISBN number printed on the actual book. Some new and used college textbooks have more than one number on the back cover. If you find a 13-digit number, that's called the, "EAN," number, which will work as well. If you find two 10 or 13 digit numbers, please make sure it matches the book that you have. Contact us if you have any questions about this. When you input the ISBN or EAN into this website, you'll see different offering prices: a new price, and a used price (and you may also see, "Not Found," or, "0.00 do not send." We use numerous guidelines to grade books as, "new," "used," and, "unacceptable." Although this grading is done at our non-negotiable discretion based on the condition of your books upon arrival at our warehouse, you can view a small sampling of these guidelines in the chart, below.

Chart: "Sell Used Textbooks" and "Sell New Textbooks"
Textbook's conditionNewNot
We never accept
Textbook is in 100% pristine condition.indicated
Textbook has worn spots, or shelf wear.indicated
The cover of the book has broken corners, creases, or dents.indicated
The book has your name written in it, or has a sticker.indicated
Visible or tactile signs of wear found on the book.indicated
Book has highlighting or writing on 1 to 5 pages.indicated
Water, liquid, or mold damage.indicated
Pages falling out, or, binding/pages are disintegrating.indicated
Workbook or study guide has more than 5 pages written in.indicated
Textbook is annotated (instructors).indicated
Textbook has other features not mentioned here.discretionary

Note: the above guidelines are for illustrative purposes, only. There may be some exceptions.

If you price your textbooks, and you do see new and used price offered, then simply, "follow the website through," and if you read, understand, and agree to our instructions and terms, you'll be presented with our online Free Shipping Label. That means when you sell used textbooks to TextbookBuyer.Com, shipping will be free for you! So, please, give TextbookBuyer.Com a try. Remember, until you've actually shipped your books to us, you're under no obligation to sell them. That means you can do a, "dry run," and, "test out," this website, just to see how easy it is. Enjoy!

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