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May 26, 2024
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Sell Used Textbooks ~ Frequently Asked Questions

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Does TextbookBuyer.Com sell textbooks?
We do not sell textbooks; we buy them. TextbookBuyer.Com has chosen the unique specialty of buying textbooks online. Because our focus is on buying textbooks, we can focus all of our attention on creating a venue whereby our visitors can easily and quickly sell textbooks while receiving among the highest possible prices on the net. top 
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Is payment issued by check? And how quick is it? Is there a waiting period?
Payment is issued in the form of a check -- and payment is fast, too! Payments are issued right after the shipments are processed and tallied. You do not have to wait around until your books are resold, or anything like that. top of the page

Can you explain the Price-Quote Chart?
The Price Quote Chart is how we display the prices we offer for your books. Prices are updated slightly throughout the year, so by printing out this chart, enclosing it with your books, and shipping within the alloted number of days displayed on the price quote page, it insures you will receive payment exactly as quoted. The rest of the chart shows the complete book information to match the ISBN numbers you've typed in. The last two columns of the chart show the prices you will receive if the books arrive in, "new," or, "used," condition. 
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What does the, "order number," at the top of the chart mean?
The order number is simply a reference number for you in case you have questions about your shipment. For example, if you shipped your books on Monday, and on Wednesday you want to know if your books have arrived, you would go to our Shipment Status page and enter the, "order number," to find out if your books arrived. top of the 

What if the Price Quote Chart displays a book with accompaniments ("Book must have CD-ROM," "Must have disk," etc.")?
Many books do NOT need any required accompaniments; the ones that DO need the accompaniments are clearly indicated on our price quote chart (usually in bold red lettering). For those books, you must include those accompaniments to receive payment -- and, please, no excuses (e.g. "but my book didn't come with a CD when I bought it..."). If you choose to send a book missing the described accompaniment anyway, you are agreeing that those textbooks will not be returned to you under any circumstances, and that you will accept our discretionary spot-price which may be anywhere from zero to about one-half the normal quoted price. Please understand that by sending us books without the required accompanying materials, you understand that you are, "taking a chance," that we won't be able to pay anything for those, and that if you don't wish to take that risk, it is best not to send those. SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT ACCESS CODES: Sometimes our description shows that an "Access Code" is required. Please understand that any Access Codes that we require MUST BE factory sealed, unused, and unopened with absolutely NO parts of the code visible! That means that even if your book came that way with the code revealed, we can NOT buy it! 
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On the Price Quote Chart, what does, "0.00," or, "books not found," mean?
This means that for some reason, we are not currently purchasing that particular textbook at this time. One reason may be that the book is, "out-of-date." Please do not send those, "0.00," or, "don't send," books. They'll be discarded and not returned. 
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Can you explain the grading of textbooks, "new," and, "used?"
When we purchase books from you, we grade them as, "new," if they arrive at our facility in *perfect* condition, with no signs of wear, writing, bent corners, dented corners, shelf-wear, worn binding, bent pages, or any other signs of use; otherwise, we grade them as, "used." Although the grading of books, "new vs. used," is at our discretion (our decision is final and non-negotiable), please understand that it is in our best interest to try to grade as many books as new as possible. If you receive our, "new," price, the happier you'll be as a customer, and we like repeat business! Therefore, if you're sending books in new-condition, please pack them very carefully to increase the chance they arrive in the same new condition as you sent of the page

Do you buy Annotated Instructors Editions?
No. top of the 

Do you buy books from faculty?
Yes -- we buy books from both students and of the page

Some textbooks have two or more ISBN numbers on the back cover. Which one do I use?
Many books have one 10 digit ISBN number, and a corresponding 13 digit "EAN" number. You can use either number on this website. However, if the book has 2 different 10-digit ISBN numbers (or two different 13-digit EAN numbers), make sure to use the one that correctly corresponds with the book you have. If you have any doubt, email us first -- otherwise, when we correctly assess your book upon arrival at our warehouse, you agree to our non-negotiable price offering, even if it means it may get discarded without payment if you used the wrong ISBN and it has no value. top of the page

Some textbooks have various markings, some are written in, and some are a bit beat up. Which ones will you buy?
As long as they are: regular usa version student textbooks, the current edition, and, allowed for sale in any university/college bookstore, then chances are that we would want to buy it. Obviously, books that are damaged, water-damaged, or marked, "annotated," are books that we will not buy. If you are reading this and you have any doubt about your book, then either contact us and ask about it, or, don't send it (otherwise, the book may get re-quoted upon arrival, and possibly discarded without payment)top of the page

How do you know where to send payment? Do I enclose a packing slip?
We send payment to whatever name and address you give us. When the Price Quote Chart is displayed, you will print that out and enclose it with your books. Before you print the Price Quote Chart, you will see a window where you type your name and address. Typing your name and address in this window before printing will create a packing slip with your name and address at the top. Clicking the, "Free Shipping Label," on that page will then create a FREE filled-out prepaid mailing label. If for some reason you don't type your name and address into the window, you can still print out the label as long as you handwrite your name and return address so that we can issue payment properly. top of the page

I don't have a printer available. Is that okay?
No problem. You WILL have to do some extra work, though. You can click thealternate shipping instructions page for more detail. top of the page

What if I don't enclose a packing slip, because I don't have the time?
We don't recommend this, because sending books without enclosing the printed price quote packing slip (or a hand-written copy of the price quote packing slip) will require us to manually price the books, at non-negotiable spot prices, upon arrival. This amount may be less than you anticipated, and though every effort will be made to issue you a fair price, you'll have to agree to accept whatever we choose to pay you. top of the page

Sometimes the Free Shipping Label doesn't show my name or address. What do I do?
It is perfectly acceptable to handwrite your name and address into the, "return address," field. Just be sure to handwrite clearly! top of the page

After I've completed my order, can I come back at a later time and print your free shipping label?
Yes! Simply click the, "Free Shipping," link (either on the left side of the page, or at the bottom). That will take you to our, "Shipping Instructions," page where you would follow our instructions and click a shipping label image so that you can print out labels as needed to ship your parcel(s) to us. You will need to handwrite your name and address in the, "return address," area after printing. top of the page

How do I insure the books? Can you explain in detail?
We recommend going to any actual US Post office, or a US Post Office satellite location, because the knowledgeable clerk will see TextbookBuyer.Com's preprinted label, and recognize that it is to be insured, and know what to do. When you fill out the postal insurance form, the clerk will give you an insurance receipt with a tracking number and activate insurance. At a US Post Office that offers insurance, this won't cost you anything. However, if you go into a franchised "shipping center," or "mail box shop," like those found in malls, you may have to indicate the following to the clerk:
• That you want insurance
• That you need to fill out a Postal Insurance Form
• That the recipient (TextbookBuyer.Com) pays for insurance.
Most of the time, they will know what to do, but, if they don't have or offer the insurance receipt forms, then you may choose to go ahead and send the books anyway, without insurance, at your own risk. If you ever have any questions at your post office, always ask for, "the supervisor." They are always most happy to help. 
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Free Shipping (and paying own shipping, and UPS, and other companies)?
We reimburse the "Media Mail" rate on the books that we buy. That means that when you ship your books to us, shipping can be free for you if you follow our rules! When you take your box of books to the post office, please request "Media Mail," because that is the class of mail especially created for books, textbooks, and media. And when we reimburse shipping, we reimburse the Media Mail rate on the books we buy. If you send us books that we don't purchase, we will not be reimbursing the shipping on those books. Further, we do not reimburse postage on excessive packing material. For example, if you send us a box of $100 worth of books that we buy from you for $100.00, and the Media Mail rate to ship those books to us was $5.00, then we write your check for $105.00. However, if you enclosed a dozen other books of no value to us and make your shipping costs greater, well, obviously, we will NOT reimburse the postage on that! And if you use heavy excessive packing material (one customer actually used BOARDS to pack their books!), we will back-out the postage on that as well. You are welcome to use other shipping companies, but, again, we will reimburse only what the Media Mail rate would have been, on the books we buy from you. top of the page

Can I get my books back if I changed my mind?
We aim for customer satisfaction. If the books have not yet arrived at our facility, and you absolutely need the books back, then by all means, email us a request, because in the spirit of customer service, we may be able to consider sending them back to you as long as you would agree to cover all costs, and agree that you will graciously abide by our decision whether or not we will fulfill your request. However, please send your books with the intention of receiving payment for them -- not getting them back at a later date! top of the page

What about my privacy? Is this service confidential?
Because we know that most people using the internet nowadays value their privacy, confidentiality, and security, we understand your wishes about keeping your email address and your non-public information private. Unless we need to ascertain the legality and/or validity of your usage of TextbookBuyer.Com, we will not discuss your usage of Textbookbuyer.Com with your peers, co-workers, colleagues, friends, textbook companies, or other 3rd parties. Please rest assured we do not sell your name or email address to other companies. We proudly maintain the level of privacy and confidentiality described above, because we highly value and respect your of the page

I like your prices! Now, exactly what methods can I send my books to you?
We've made it simple: Pack the books tightly in a sturdy box, like the kind of box "copy machine paper" comes in, tape it well, and affix our prepaid shipping label. Take the shipment to any post office, including franchised ones, or your local campus post office, and they will accept the parcel. Postage is prepaid, so they will not ask you for any money! Insurance will not cost you anything either, as it is built-in to the prepaid label (however, you must fill out the insurance form at the post office to activate insurance and receive a tracking number). Again, none of this will cost you anything. Then, when your books arrive at our warehouse, payment is quickly issued. top of the page

CONTACTING TextbookBuyer.Com
Contacting us is easy and fast! Just click here: CONTACT. We respond very, very quickly!top of the page

After you've created a selling order of at least ten dollars and packed your shipment per our instructions, you would:
• Bring your shipment to any US Post Office or franchised location (shipping will be free!)
• At the post office, you fill out an insurance label (free!) which activates the label's built-in insurance; then your box of books travels via USPS insured mail to our warehouse.
• After your parcel arrives, we begin processing your books. We confirm that your books match your enclosed packing slip, and then each book is graded 'new' or 'used.' Then the total is double-checked and correctly tallied.
• After your shipment has been processed, barring any unforseen circumstances or delays, a check is mailed usually within one day (we try to be VERY fast!).
• If you contact us at any time during this process, we gladly email you back to let you know whether your shipment has arrived and has been paid.  
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We have streamlined the process to give you the best, fastest service possible. Thank you for exploring TextbookBuyer.Com™! If you have any more questions, please contact us at for a very fast reply.

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