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We Designed This Page For Faculty Book Sales

Our service is known for catering towards students wishing to sell their books online. We also realize many professors and faculty have books they wish to sell, too ~ so why not have a special page for professors at universities and colleges? Let's call this page the "Faculty Book Selling Page!"

Faculty Book Selling

Our service allows students to sell used textbooks as well as brand new textbooks online. We also buy both new and used copies from instructors and faculty that have accumulated unwanted books over time, as long as they are not annotated instructors' versions. (We don't want them, please don't send them.)

So, if you've accumulated textbooks which are just of no use to you now, or, are not relevant to your current course syllabus, or, if you have some current-edition textbooks which are dispensable until the subsequent edition is published, you may be asking, "Where can I sell my used textbooks?" Our site offers the convenience of allowing you to sell used college textbooks online, including anthology related texts, workbooks, and study guides.

To sell college textbooks, enter the ISBN numbers of your text books into the window below to see the prices we offer. For each book entered, our website will instantly display both a, "new," and a, "used, " price. If our prices are agreeable, and you want to use our service, we'll even pay the shipping!

Textbook ISBN

Good reasons to sell college textbooks online:

1. Our Attractive Prices: See our prices here, then you can sell college textbooks here (then please tell others how simple it is to use this website).

2. Convenience and Privacy: Being able to sell your own books on your own time (rather than from your office during office hours when students might be needing help with their studies) is both convenient and private. We understand that a shelf overflowing with a scholarly collection of books may be quite impressive — but sometimes a little bit of shelf space is a nice thing to have, too. Bringing your books home to sell helps avoid time-wasting conversations (e.g. "Why are you selling your books -- don't you want to keep them all?"). Though we invite you to see our prices on your own current-edition textbooks, we do not buy annotated instructors editions, so do not send them.

3. Shipping is free! Our website offers free shipping on the books we buy from you, when shipped via "Media Mail."

4.We appreciate your business: Yes! We really do appreciate your business! We want you to become another satisfied customer. We want you to be so happy with our service that if someone asks you, "Where can I sell my used textbooks," you can answer without hesitation: TextbookBuyer.Com!

Please, give our website a try. Remember, there is no obligation to sell college textbooks until you've actually shipped them to us. So please feel free to enter some ISBN numbers, and view our fantastic prices! Any questions? we answer all emails very quickly! Contact us at

Thank you! We look forward to your business!

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