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May 26, 2024
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Sell College Textbooks and the Shipping is Free ~

Just follow these steps

1.) Pack books tightly in box. Then.... WAIT [drum roll].... breaking news :: August 1, 2016 :: we have just now deleted our entire Shipping Instructions Page! Why? Because it pertained to a Post Office Shipping Label. And now, today, we are announcing we are partnering with FedEx's Shipping Label System! In just a couple weeks or so, you will be able to ship your books to us for FREE, using super SUPER FAST FedEx delivery! You all asked for it! And now, you all got it!

.... in the meantime

We are asking our regular customers (and our new customers, too!) to please go ahead and use our Textbook Buyer program as you always have done, but at the post office pay your OWN shipping. THEN when your books arrive here, we will REIMBURSE what you paid on the books we buy from you, as long as you ship them via "Media Mail." For example, if we're buying $100.00 worth of books from you, and you paid $5.00 to ship them via Media Mail, we will write your check for $105.00. In fact, since we're reimbursing the Media Mail rate on the books we buy from you, you are welcome to ship those books via any method, with any shipping company, if you want to cover the difference.

You'll notice that when you complete your Sell Order and print your Packing Slip, there will be a button to click on that says "Free Shipping" which will generate a generic label you could actually handwrite yourself, we ask that you go ahead and click that button anyway because that finalizes your order on our server. After that label appears, you can either print and use it, or disregard it. your box of books is $100.00, and you paid $5.00 for Media Mail shipping, then we will write your check for $105.00.

In fact, since you are paying your own shipping, you can actually use ANY shipping company of your choice, AND you can ship your books to us at any speed if you want to pay a little extra, just as long as you understand that we will reimburse the Media Mail rate on the books that we buy from you.
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